Odd dating trends 2016

17-Apr-2017 17:40

Your smartphone or wall calendar reads "January" — yet in some respects, it's as if the atmosphere hasn't gotten that memo so far.(MORE: | Weirdest Weather of 2015, we're seeing five weather events that we typically wouldn't see this time of year.Cola"Incredibly, this Trustex condom tastes and smells just like your favorite pop, right from the fountain, without all the calories," this product's description promises."This flavored latex condom has a reservoir tip and a sugar-free, water-based lubricant which is ideal for both oral and vaginal use." Do they take into account whether your vagina prefers Coke or Pepsi? Garlic These condoms, created by the restaurant The Stinking Rose, will protect him from any vampires trying to get at his manhood.

Weed From cannabis tampons to lube, sexual health companies are desperate to appeal to the weed consumers among us.

You don't see many January tracks north of the equator east of the international date line in the Pacific Ocean. 8), this system was being monitored by the National Hurricane Center for possible development as a named subtropical storm, only two purely tropical storms have formed in the month of January in the North Atlantic since 1851. Of 133 prior Mississippi River crests above flood stage in St.

This does not include subtropical storms, although it appears that only two such storms have developed over the same time-frame in January. Don't the "Mighty Mississippi" and its tributaries swell at least once every year? Louis, only three had occurred from December through February.

Mint Tingle These, on the other hand, should leave you feeling like you've just brushed your teeth with a large, fleshy toothbrush. Durian Fruit This Thai plant is known for its offensive smell, and we can't imagine it's much better when applied to latex. But be forewarned: One of the Amazon reviews reads, "She said and I quote, 'the taste is too overpowering and I can't feel my tongue.'" Another declares: "DISGUSTING! " Then again, someone else said it tasted like a chocolate martini. But unfortunately for anyone fantasizing about an earthier kick to their latex, the announcement was a hoax—albeit one for a good reason.

The taste is pretty good, though, if you can get past your first impression.9. The company later admitted that they wouldn't be rolling out the aubergine prophylactic, but that it was just a ploy on social media to get younger people to talk openly about safe sex. Here are the weirdest condom flavors we've ever come across.Some actually sound like they could be appetizing, and some...So it was only a matter of time before pot-flavored condoms were on the market.

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