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Moreover, we also remind institutions that the proposed regulations included in the NPRM may be changed after we review the public comments.

Therefore, training which relies on the proposed regulations may not fully capture what is required for compliance once the final regulations are effective.

Accordingly, as part of a good-faith effort to comply with the statute, institutions are expected to revise their policy statements to include those procedures and to identify the standard of evidence that the institution will use.

Similarly, the statute requires institutions to include in their ASRs expanded information about a victim’s options for, and available assistance in, changing academic, living, transportation, and working situations if requested and reasonably available, regardless of whether the victim chooses to report the crime to campus police or local law enforcement.

When Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, it required the Department to issue guidelines explaining how school districts could offer single-sex classes consistent with applicable law.

After completing our review of those comments, we expect to publish final regulations by November 1, 2014.

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