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09-Mar-2017 05:55

Franco has since been bombarded on Twitter and Instagram about his interest in underage girls.The actor cryptically fired back through social media, telling parents to watch their kids’ activity online. “I’m embarrassed and I guess I’m just a model of how social media is tricky,” said Franco.“It’s a way people meet each other today, but what I’ve learned … You meet somebody in person and you get a feel for them, but you don’t know who you’re talking to.I have been with my boyfriend for over a year and I do not understand why he won’t stop flirting with other girls.But let’s take a completely different side of this…

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Clode followed Franco’s suggestion, tagging the actor and posting the video to her account.And yet, you’ve been demonstrating to him that you’re OK with it. Women feel this instinctively and will usually try to put up a front, claiming that they won’t stand for his bad behavior and making empty threats.The problem is that guys know a woman’s bluff from a mile away…Maybe what you meant is that you’re giving him everything *you think* he needs sexually, emotionally, etc. Oftentimes, we love other people in the way that we want to be loved – and while you make certain adjustments toward him since he’s a dude, it’s not safe to bet that you’re satisfying his every need…

S o how does he do it? Introducing the Donald J Trump guide to flirting. Warning do not try at home. 1. Be liberal with compliments. During Perry's lucky.… continue reading »

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