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Movies from similar times evoked normal, even beautiful scenes from daily life, of intimacy and love, but with ordinary life shadowed by foreboding threats: and nuclear holocaust.Focusing on Trump and immediate realities is urgent, but now looms the specter of human extinction.Behavior is said to be hard-wired, “in the brain”, programmed, in the DNA.[2] Humans are presumed to be addicted to consumption, unable to forego gratification, unable to endure stress and frustration, require optimism and success.The field of Game Theory gave us the Prisoners Dilemma which is about self-serving behavior.Artificial Intelligence can be programmed to make moral decisions.

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The individualistic ideal of “full self-realization of human potential” is a compelling promise of capitalist and even some anti-capitalist movements and is libertarian and ahistorical.

She writes that “the difficult part about public discourse related to genocide is that the majority of Canadians don’t have all the facts.” The public knows even less about the extinction threat of nuclear weapons and climate change.

Cognitive science, biology and American psychiatry now assume the mantle of defining human nature.

Emotions are said to come from a primitive part of the brain.

This is all far removed from what people actually do.Anxiety can arise because of the realistic perception of a danger situation.Freud’s view is that anxiety does not necessarily become overwhelming.This human nature model arose at the same time as neo-liberalism and management theory.