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If you have a complaint about treatment you have received from a homeopath, you have no special legal rights beyond normal civil and criminal law.The same applies to all other complementary and alternative medicines, except osteopathy and chiropractic (see above).If you want to use a CAM where practitioners are not regulated by professional statutory regulation, you should make use of professional bodies or voluntary registers, where they exist, to help you find a practitioner.You may want to check what arrangements there are for complaining about a practitioner. Professionals of two complementary and alternative treatments – osteopathy and chiropractic – are regulated in the same way.But there is no statutory professional regulation of any other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners.

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For example, the Faculty of Homeopathy is a voluntary organisation for statutorily regulated health professionals, such as GPs, who also practise homeopathy.This means it is up to you to find out whether your practitioner has qualifications, and will conduct treatment in a way that is acceptable to you.Many CAMs have professional associations and/or voluntary registers, which practitioners can join if they choose.Learn more about using a professional association or voluntary register to find a CAM practitioner.

Currently, practitioners of two CAMs are regulated in the same way as practitioners of conventional medicine. This regulation is called statutory professional regulation.The organisations that regulate these professionals do not regulate their CAM practice, but would investigate concerns that relate to the professional conduct of their registered practitioner.In the case of many CAMs, there are professional associations or voluntary registers that practitioners can choose to join.Usually, these associations or registers demand that practitioners hold certain qualifications, and agree to practice to a certain standard.