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08-Sep-2017 13:19

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although that doesnt excuse what happened in the movie it showed what depth ryo could show and that is what i call true acting. " Through my speculations, and no experience whatsoever, I believe a lot of DV people actually really regret what they do afterwards. There may be times where everything is better off, abuse is not always consistent and scheduled. I couldn't remember myself." Love is a strong emotion, so this proved just how much Michiru loved Sousuke. And yeah some things made me hate him but some things made me think that maybe Sousuke has something inside what could help him to change.Love is a strong emotion, so the abused partner tends to believe that it won't happen next time. Eventually I believe that Michiru thought that as long as she could stay with Sousuke forever, then they would be happy together. That's just my analysis of an abusive relationship. His love for Michiru was at the same level as her love for him. It just needed someone to tell him that he's doing wrong. who knows maybe soon he'll get a serious main role in a movie? At the same time, Ryo was able to reveal an element of Sousuke's character that made it so that he wasn't simply "bad." You can clearly see from the way he got irritated as Michiru questioned him, that he didn't believe that he was doing was wrong. I heard once that "To know that you're good at acting, you have to be able to make someone hate you as you play a negative role." If people didn't hate Sousuke, then Ryo would have "failed" in a sense.I also felt the same way when Sousuke was with the could clearly see that he had a good heart, which made me want to like Sousuke, but at the same time it conflicted with all the other things he did.I think Sousuke was the first role of his serious acting, and knowing that after this he will have a role in "Ryusei no Kizuna" as a middle brother, who seems to be some kind of a bit comic character, makes everything even more interesting and woth looking forward to ! He already had to get something real for his acting in LF! i bet now every fangirl will die after what I'm going to quote... x DD *dont hate me*Rather than contemplating his fate should Johnny and Mary split, let's talk about Nishikido's alleged new girlfriend.

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i realised that he was really pitiful and torn inside. You think "How could a person still love another if they're being beaten by the other?Sousuke was the sort of character you mostly see in books, but not acted.His character was so twisted, wrong was right, and everything he did was justified in his eyes. In the end, Ryo was so convincing I was able to draw all of this from the way he acted. His acting was maddening, frightening, and convincing.Ryo struck up a relationship with her and now they're together. She is half American, half Japanese, lives in Tokyo, but travels back and forth between Japan and the U. Although they haven't been dating very long, there's already talk of the two going off on a trip to America okay. days there have been rumors of women financially supporting Ryo, buying him clothes and accesories and stuff (oh really? x D~ i had to take a pic of it, it's sou funny to see a pic of ryo and then this eeeh, i'm back and i still can't believe that only a few mentioned Ryusei no Kizuna???? don't you, guys, think that Ryo-chan deserves spamming for appearing every other minute and acting as host (HOOOOT!! The rap guy moment was awesome, I laughed so much when I saw that.eeeh, i'm back and i still can't believe that only a few mentioned Ryusei no Kizuna???? don't you, guys, think that Ryo-chan deserves spamming for appearing every other minute and acting as host (HOOOOT!! I mean, Taisuke's other disguises had names, even though I can't even remember them right now, lol. it was really amazing how the man identified those ghost looking people in the pictures ne?

I found this picture it shows Aya Ueto and Ryo Nishikido, they worked together in the hit drama attention please and some said that they might be secretly dating so.… continue reading »

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First post! So yeah. this is pretty much where I'll be rambling on about various rumors/gossip from good ol' Japan. There will be a lot of Johnny's Entertainment.… continue reading »

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Come out on a close aragaki yui nishikido ryo dating billionaires club dating site dinner. Baisho mitsuko. Time that home he shares with rumors.… continue reading »

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NewS Nishikido Ryo has been rumored to be dating/have dated Sawajiri Erika, Aibu Saki, Uehara Takako, and Ishihara Satomi. Yamashita Tomohisa has been.… continue reading »

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