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06-Jan-2018 09:28

Creating directives with Angular JS is fairly straightforward.But most directives also need to interact with a model which represents their state.The only "special" bit about this directive is the require property.The If you don't need the controller specified on your directive specifically, you can use the caret symbol that tells Angular to search up the DOM tree until it finds it.Our real model is always seconds, but the value displayed on screen is split into a unit of time selection and a numeric value.It means we have to handle converting from seconds to unit/value and back to seconds again.

So, most directives controller of some other directive.

This is useful if you are creating a structure of related directives that work together.

For example: something interesting aside from just UI (like affect state in your app), it needs to interact through controllers.

The easiest way to store this is as an object with two properties. In our case, we are using the directive scope in our template to bind values to the form. But if you weren't using the scope, you'd do any kind of DOM updates here instead.

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For example, maybe you want to create some fancy directive that wraps a j Query widget.

It is often confusing to the programmers to differentiate between these two directives.