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30-Jan-2018 13:34

Which, drawing a straight line, leads us to the sickening reality of the genetically blessed wearing lens-free frames.But what happens if/when the fashion goes out of style?

And I told her so, in dramatic and particularly expletive terms. She’s not alone in her fashion sense: A bunch of NBA players typified the trend in 2012, when they did pressers with lens-less, Urkel-esque frames.

Enter: the bullies.“No matter how clever you think you are, reading all of those books has made you weak-eyed,” Handley says. People thought you could damage your eyes by being too bookish.”(In 2012, Handley analyzed the changing social norms toward glasses wearers throughout history.

One revelation was that while Hitler wore reading glasses, images of him doing so were censored by the Nazi Party for fear of his authority being weakened.)But then, something happened: Glasses became cool.

My friend, Meiyee Apple, recently underwent LASIK surgery after decades of wearing glasses.

“I felt I was losing part of my identity since I identified myself as a cool glasses person,” Apple says.(One somewhat hilarious reason she hesitated on the decision: Her phobia of disgusting showers.

As in, glasses gave her the ability to intentionally blur her vision and keep her from having to see gross shower things.

Nov 5, 2008. Brian Farkas '03 received a tryout with the Notre Dame football program this summer, and it didn't even cost him a day of his unused. leaving him to focus for the next 55 years until his death in 2001 on the things he cared about most his Catholic faith, his wife, Ellen, and their growing family.… continue reading »

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No matter how deep your brow is furrowed or how nasty you scowl, eye black always intensifies the level of intimidation and team spirit you give off. from the stands, or cheering your team on in the comfort of your den or living room, eye black temporary tattoos are guaranteed to enhance the drama. More Information.… continue reading »

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Jan 27, 2015. If you believe people with glasses are more intelligent—numerous studies back up that people believe in this stereotype—you may also think that person is more trustworthy. But, if the frames are obstructing their eyes in an overt way, that may morph into distrust. “Glasses cover not just the eyes themselves.… continue reading »

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Mar 10, 2015. People With Dark Eyes Get Drunker Faster. ScienceDirect reports in a study connecting eye color and alcohol abuse that people with darker eyes were unable to consume as much liquor as participants with lighter colored eyes. The study also indicates that people with lighter eyes are more likely to abuse.… continue reading »

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