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For example: the English teacher who is your newspaper advisor, the math teacher who is your math team coach, the biology teacher who is your field hockey coach, the history teacher that you talk about politics and health care policy with, the physics teacher who you challenge each day for the best time on the New York Times crossword puzzle, the chemistry teacher who is your mentor.

Also -- you do not need to choose the teacher that teaches the subject that you want to major in.

I recommend giving them all of the recommendation forms for every one of the schools you're applying to at once.

This is also a good time to tell them about why you're applying to each school, and how you see yourself as a match for each place.

If you do submit a supplemental recommendation, be sure to include the MIT Supplemental Document Cover Sheet, which is available for download from your My MIT application portal.

Supplemental recommendations cannot be submitted online. You can track whether or not MIT has received and processed the letter on your My MIT tracking page.

You do not need to choose a senior year teacher -- but you should choose someone with whom you have an ongoing relationship.

On Naviance, teachers should see MIT on the list of colleges to which these items can be sent.

For security and other reasons, we do not accept electronic documents from other online sources at this time.

I recommend that you find some face-to-face time alone with each teacher to ask them in person to write your letter, and to have a conversation about it.

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This is a much better approach than just leaving the recommendation form on their chair and running away.Purely as an exercise, I made a list of different kinds of classes that high school students might take, and tried to classify them as an A Evaluation or B Evaluation as best I could.A few are pretty fuzzy (and could be categorized reasonably either way -- no worries), but most seem pretty straight forward: In some countries/curriculums (for example, the British A Levels and its equivalents across the world), students may not have any current teachers who could write a B Evaluation for them. Often, we see students go back to a teacher from earlier in secondary school (for example, an O Level teacher).There are many sources for translation, and one that you may find helpful is an English teacher at your high school. If you send us a translated recommendation, please include both the English translated copy and the original in the native language. You should certainly ask a teacher who has taught you in an academic class in high school (i.e. Ideally, this will also be a teacher who knows you as more than just a student who does well on all the tests.