Michael w dating

11-Apr-2017 02:04

I noticed things while in Scn right from the start.We all made the mistake of seeing outnesses, I mean really obvious wrong things and overlooking them.(I was graduate #111) I did the pilot for hard TRs, did LTMX (experimental) got some auditing and was sent home early as my dad was ‘flapping’ about where I was and that he had not heard from me and was concerned.All got sorted out and shortly thereafter the rest returned from flag and we started an org boom.

Then forgive those who committed that act against you. Then look at what you did to them and forgive yourself.Anyway, women are too masculine & the lack of any incentives to date women, ie no marriage, which is causing the huge marriage strike The screwing around of most most women, behind mens backs, & the lack of any real incentives for men to create a LTR, exasperates the huge marriage strike in effect Women will have to make huge changes by being alot more feminine & keep their partner count down, while learning to show men they can bring something to the table Women are literally having to learn how to pick up men, a huge shift from rejecting hundreds of good decent men …For the first time in history, Men are rejecting modern women …(I had given them the deck to shuffle and then took the deck and found all 4 aces).