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Aubrey Plaza revealed earlier this week that she and Michael Cera had actually dated for about a year and a half around 20.Not only dated, but the two actors even almost got married without anybody knowing!Learn every aspect of theseintricate deals and understand how these highly complex transactions can benefit yourcompany today and in years to come.We are seeking VC funding for the commercialization of this product for benefit of millions in Asia and Africa., but apparently the wedding pitstop in Vegas didn't actually wind up happening.She goes on to say that they had not met before production on the film started in March of 2009 in Toronto, but fell in love with each other while working on the movie.

He also worked with other producers such as DJ Pooh, Marley Marl and E-Swift of Tha Alkaholiks.

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Aug 5, 2009. In real life, before shooting on this film began, Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera were already girlfriend and boyfriend, and were celebrated by such gossip sites as Gawker as "America's Twee-hearts." Therefore their courtship in the film is scripted, although it feels uncannily real, perhaps because Cera and Yi.… continue reading »

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