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06-Jun-2017 06:36

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Then things started to get hot and heavy and I fuck her tight little pussy, but I'm too drunk and can't cum.

So, the next morning I wake her up by rubbing her pussy from behind and then she comes to horny as hell.

She gave me a sly grin and wiggled her eyebrows at me seductively and said 'We'll see.'By this point she is really drunk and stumbles to her feet and grabs my now soft cock and pulls me to my feet.

She guides me by the cock into my bedroom where she collapses on the bed face first.

It was more than I could bear so I spread her ass open as far as I could and pressed my forefinger to her hole.

It was tight at first, but I kept licking my finger the way a girl would a cock and pressing it against her ass until it gave.

She would moan and wriggle and then lie still again.

So, I sat there staring at her asshole as I spread her cheeks and said how tight her ass was and how much it turned me on.

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I told her I was cumming and tried to push her head back, but she grabbed my ass and sucked all my cum into her mouth and swallowed then sighed and rolled over into the pillow. We went to the living room and sat on the couch and rubbed each other until I couldn't take it anymore and wanted to taste her.Then, we took a shower together and I started to get ready for work.She was all hot and bothered and hell bent on distracting me from work and started rubbing me until I had to drop my pants as I fingered her.When my finger first entered her ass she bucked slightly, moaned loudly, and then lay completely still.

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So, I pulled my finger out and pushed against her hole again.

So, I quit worrying about her pussy and start to lick just her asshole.