Liquidating a company in sydney

12-Jan-2018 18:58

A liquidator shall, upon completion of a voluntary liquidation, file a statement that the liquidation has been completed and upon receiving the statement, the Registrar of Corporate Affairs ("Registrar") shall: The dissolution of the company is effective from the date of issue of the certificate by the Registrar.

Immediately following the issue of the certificate of dissolution, the liquidator publishes a notice in the Gazette, that the company has been struck off the Register of Companies and dissolved.

Worrells’ Morgan Lane and former colleague Michael Peldan could soon find themselves probed by a replacement liquidator after examination summons were issued for the Queensland-based practitioners in regards to Waltek industries Pty Ltd.

Si N does not know yet if the intended recipients of the summonses have been served but at this point Waltek’s incumbent liquidator Jamieson Louttit is expected to pursue the pair to public examination. While the Australian Tax Office (ATO) moved earlier this year on those alleged to have masterminded the alleged 5 million Plutus Payroll fraud, at least one of those close to the architects of the scheme was attending to curiously related affairs well beforehand.

Where a company has no liabilities or is able to pay its debts as they come due and the value of its assets equals or exceeds its liabilities, a voluntary winding up and dissolution may be commenced by a resolution of directors or by a resolution of members.Early next month a series of contested interlocutory applications will be heard that could see PPB Advisory’s Steve Parbery and Glenn Livingstone surf in on what until now has been Deloitte’s exclusive turf – the web of entities linked to the alleged 0 million Plutus Payroll PAYG fraud.On Monday, the NSW Supreme Court heard that Synep Pty Limited – the company at the head of the…The liquidation commences on filing the notice of the voluntary liquidator's appointment at the Registry and continues until terminated in accordance with the Act.