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So, in order to mark out the place name of the railway, we have used the timetables of numerous passenger trains. The IRHCFQ have a collection of 1200 scanned photographs presenting different aspects of the railway system (train wrecks, landscapes, train stations, rolling stocks, etc.).

This data base of old pictures grows constantly; thanks to the collaboration and gifts from historical railway buffs.

In this context, we have constituted cartographic computerized data to the scale of 1: 50 000, giving place names and the post office localisations which were current in the territory of Quebec from 1763 to 1986.

We often produced maps to the scale of 1: 250 000 in order to better illustrate these data bases.

Pollen and macrofossil analyses of two radiocarbon-dated lake sediment cores in the upper Peace River district were used to investigate the controversial late-glacial geochronology of the “ice-free corridor.” The basal mineral-rich sediments contain reworked, radiogenically “dead” palynomorphs, as well as intrusive “modern” carbon. An initially open, sedge-dominated cover was invaded by sage, willow, grass, and poplar by 11,700 yr B.

Analyses of the basal sediments from Boone Lake show that two C ages greater than 12,000 yr B. are spuriously old due to contamination by organic matter of Cretaceous age. P., suggesting that a habitable landscape has existed in the area for at least 12 millennia. Reeves (1973, “Quaternary Coastlines and Marine Archaeology: Towards the Prehistory of Land Bridges and Continental Shelves” (P.

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For Example : Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Charny Eastman The postal history is directly linked to the railway system which was used to transport the mail.

Teaching and research were interrupted by World War II but resumed at the Baltic University (Pinneberg, Germany), then at the University of Western Ontario where he has been ever since.