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He’s the founder of Real Doll, a “love doll” company featured in the documentary, “The Sex Robots Are Coming”. Indeed, just as the Campaign To Stop Killer Robots gathers pace in the media, a lesser known campaign is trying to make its voice heard: The Campaign Against Sex Robots. Those in favor of sex robots tend to mount familiar-sounding arguments.The film seeks to convince its audience that combining undeniably lifelike dolls like Matt’s with interactive, artificially intelligent features will lead to an explosion in the market for robotic lovers. They say that access to lifelike, feminine AI (Mc Mullen says 80% of his custom is for female dolls) will help reduce the use of prostitutes, and therefore protect many vulnerable women and children who are forced into an underground and often brutal industry.Suyamprakasam rationalised that many individuals living in the less urbanised parts of the country would have a particular need to consult with specialists, such as dermatologists and gynecologists.

This focus on localisation will allow medical chatbot designers to create bots that will be more engaging to a certain culture or region, and therefore more effective.

Quality polyglot bots, therefore, are few and far between and are even rarer in the healthcare sector.