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Huie is former director of the North Carolina Outward Bound School.

“Off the Job: A Brief Look at Recreation in the New River Coal Fields” [W.

” | Survivors | Other feuds | The Corsica of America | The inner hillbilly | Man toys | Epilogue: the Hatfield-Mc Coy industry | Appendix: “Green are the woods” / by Abner Vance.

Contents: Introduction: murderland | The path to Pikeville | Dark and bloody ground | Border states | Hog trial | Montagues and Capulets of the Cumberlands | Pawpaw murders | Devil Anse and the hellhounds | New Year’s night massacre | All over but the shouting | “The Hatfields made me do it! “The View from Fairmont: A Century in Postcards” [17 cards reproduced].

Contents: Almost Heaven, West Virginia | Work and disaster | Americanization and political activism | Leisure, travel, and ethnic advancement | Family | Church and religion | The Italian American festive spirit today.

“‘How ‘bout a Hand for the Hog’: The Enduring Nature of the Swine as a Cultural Symbol in the South.” In 37, no. Gianato’s general store, a local landmark in Kimball since 1918. 44-45, recognizing the contribution of black residents to the war effort.

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“Doodle Was a Tough Old Bird” [humor; pet rooster’s disposition; 1940s Vienna, W. Va.; empowerment; community members were given cameras to record images and give voice to public health issues. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, and home to Washington and Lee University. Eastern Kentucky memoir (Leslie Co.) and tribute to the author’s father -- born 1885, school teacher and superintendent, and the first in the county to attend college -- “written in the tradition of Jesse Stuart and Harry Caudill.” Bell, Augusta Grove. [Anderson Co., Tenn., local history and biography].

“Photovoice as a Strategy for Community Organizing in the Central Appalachian Coalfields.” 14, no.

Located at the southern end of the Shenandoah Valley, burial place of Robert E.