Intimidating rage dampd feat

24-Jan-2017 13:49

Instead, choose a race that makes you happy, then look at the racial abilities they may offer, and lastly look to the ability bonuses the race may offer.

You will roll virtual dice to determine starting ability scores.

They favor offense over defense, using powers that cleave through foes and then dash away before enemies can focus on them.

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The Great Weapon Fighter is a typical melee DPS class.It is your primary tool of your trade so you want to make sure you keep it upgraded at all times to the highest possible damage.Also try to focus on items that grant Recovery and Power.When you roll up your character, you can roll all you want.

So make sure you keep rolling until you get the best stats possible for your Great Weapon Fighter.

Great Weapon Fighters should focus on the minions and weaker enemies in an encounter, and then they should move to fight whatever enemies are left. Great Weapon Fighters have weaker defenses and can quickly become overwhelmed fighting many creatures.