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She claims that she has no female role models in cybersecurity to lean on and it would be “killer” to have some sort of mentor program that would let young women log into a website, see a catalog of women in the industry and then have the option to schedule time to interview them.

Kaitlin might be on to something, but I would take it a step further by including the men out there that are secure and supportive of the advancement of women in cybersecurity. My parting advice to Kaitlin, and any young female looking at STEM, was – Girl, get your geek on but make it all encompassing. Programming languages are a big deal, but the ability to write and communicate technical aspects to non-technical audiences is crucial for your cybersecurity survival kit.

As she collected her winnings, she swaggered over to the boys and let them know coding wasn’t just for dudes and that it was also ok for them to play with dolls.

Kaitlin believes that society places gender specific roles on us and this can be intimdating for girls her age to consider careers in STEM.

She seemed focused on some comments made to her from some of her male peers – they had indicated that she was weird to think that she could compete with them in a school sponsored coding contest.

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Hole 1 Par 4 + Handicap 11. Drive should be played down the right side of this generous fairway rolling downhill to a large green bunkered on the front left. Avoid going long and over the green at all costs. Hole 1. 382 344 333 306 265. Hole 2 Par 5 + Handicap 9. After a downhill tee ball this par 5 will require that you twice.… continue reading »

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It can look a little intimdating when you have cabinets and cabinets full of records to be scanned or worse yet, rooms and rooms full. but the right equipment and staff makes the process quick and easy. DeVries has high-quality high-speed scanning equipment available that can quickly convert everything you have from.… continue reading »

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Intimidating meaning, definition, what is intimidating making you feel frightened or nervous. Learn more.… continue reading »

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Too cool — and kind of intimdating. Jeffrey Earnhardt's #DAYTONA500 helmet pays tribute to his grandpa, Dale Earnhardt Sr.… continue reading »

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Define intimidating. intimidating synonyms, intimidating pronunciation, intimidating translation, English dictionary definition of intimidating. tr.v. intimidated, intimidating, intimidates 1. To make timid; fill with fear The size of the opposing players intimidated us. 2.… continue reading »

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