Interracial dating consequences

09-Nov-2017 12:41

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This article describes research on the effects of race mixing.

This includes research not only on groups where the parents are from different races but also on groups where the parents themselves are race mixed.

Differences in relationship quality were largely accounted for by more complex relationship histories, more heterogamous unions, fewer shared values and less support from parents.

In contrast, differences in socioeconomic resources did not appear to play an explanatory role." A 2011 study found that "nonblack individuals with black partners have significantly more depressive symptoms and less relationship satisfaction than their counterparts with nonblack partners, regardless of respondent race and whether the nonblack partner is the same versus a different race from the respondent.

The African American adolescents had a lower birth weight, a lower verbal IQ, and a higher number of sexual partners than did White adolescents.

This since research found many cases of White females being killed by other Blacks while being in the company of a Black boyfriend, many cases of White females dying of drug overdoses while they did drugs with Black males, or otherwise dying because of "accidents".

Another stated example is that a parent will be genetically closer to an average (and in some cases to every) individual of the parent's own race than to the parent's own mixed race child with a co-parent from a genetically distant race.

A 1989 study stated that the risk of spouse homicide was 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages relative to intraracial marriages, that the risk for White wives was 12.4 times higher in interracial marriages, and that the risk for White husbands was 21.4 times higher in interracial marriages.

A 2013 study stated that interracial couples demonstrated a higher level of intimate partner violence (including mutual intimate partner violence) than monoracial white couples and a level similar to monoracial black couples.

A 2005 study stated that "Interracial marriage is associated with increases in severe distress for Native American men, white women, and for Hispanic men and women married to non-white spouses, compared to endogamous members of the same groups.

Interethnic couples also had more severe intimate partner violence.

Oct 3, 2016. It's a question that intrigues Minelle Mahtani, who has dared to ask whether interracial couples and their families still test the limits of tolerance in this country. "This is what it's like for me. These are the consequences of the choices that we're making that I have to face in my community." It's not easy.… continue reading »

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Attitudes Toward Interracial Dating Effects of Age, Sex, and Race. Judith Todd. Jeanice L. Mckinney. Raymond Harris. Ryan Chadderton. Leslie Small. Attitudes toward interracial dating were investigated by surveying 400 in- dividuals from an integrated community. As predicted, men were more positive than women, the.… continue reading »

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