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How many levels on the unilevel are counted for the Leadership Bonus depends on an affiliate’s own membership rank: The Leadership Bonus is split into two payments, with 2.7% (.32) of the 3% total being paid to the affiliate and the remaining 0.3% (.48) being put into their reserve wallet.

I did try searching high and low for information on the affiliate membership ranks and qualification criteria required wasn’t able to find anything publicly available.

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If an auction timer reaches zero, the auction is over with the last bidder to place a bid winning it.This equates to 8.80 per pack sold, with an additional 2% (.20) held by the company and placed into an affiliate’s reserve wallet.The Leadership Bonus makes up 3% of every bid pack sold, and is paid out using a unilevel compensation structure.As new affiliates are recruited a binary team grows and whenever a Bidder’s Paradise bid pack is sold, it is credited to either the left or right side of the binary (depending on which affiliate sold the pack).

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