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Him with Nas on a classic Source Sports ad Nas and 50 used to be cool. They eventually started beefing after 2001 50 Cent was supposed to be on a Jennifer Lopez song but Columbia took him off and put Nas on it. Him and E became cool that day Similar to 50 Cent, E Moneybags hated Murder Inc.50 claims Nas was wack for not alerting him Talked about E Moneybags extensively in this thread. Him and Troy Singleton used to rob and beat up their affiliates One day Irv Gotti is in the studio, and niggas tell him E Moneybags is on the phone and they said Irv’s blood drained from his face E Moneybags is the dude behind the dude in the white puffy jacket. Him and Pac were initially close video – Jimmy Henchman (left) and Obama Jimmy Henchman as mentioned earlier in the thread was from Vandeveer Projects.“Tut, nigga who was accused of shooting Pac at Quad. and Scooter who allegedly helped set Pac up Domencio and Hommo (Mike Tyson’s best friend who allegedly shot 50 9 times) Tyson, and Hommo Domencio in 1987.Was part of the A-Team gang in Cypress Hills projects in Brooklyn in the 80s. Alpo had him killed cause Domencio slapped his wife.Beanie Sigel pulls up and reveals his pistol to the goons.They back off Beans looks at Kanye.now has his chain tucked in…and says “tuck your fucking chain out nigga” Beanie Sigel was one of the main soldiers for Roc A Fella as well as a rapper. Threatened the cop afterwards Jimmy ‘Henchmen’ Rosemond is serving life, but is still in court for another case.

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Chris then calls Suge and tells him to stop being a bitch Suge asks Chris Lighty “why you being a yes man to that cracker Lyor Cohen” and Lighty replies “nigga i’m just trying to get paid” Long story short Nate Dogg ends up in the Regulate video.

50 cent hires a private investigator to fin his real reason of death Chris Lighty’s death makes 50 and Fat Joe squash their beef One night Kanye West is in Manhattan with his Roc A Fella chain out.

Some goons see his chain and start to press him Kanye calls up Beanie Sigel who is nearby….

“We’re proud to welcome Sway to the VH1 family and can’t wait to share his incredible talents and insights with our viewers.”“I’m looking forward to hosting and creating groundbreaking, meaningful and fun programming for VH1,” said new VH1 talent Sway Calloway. Sway has reported on the largest global events in recent history, traveling to Houston’s Astrodome in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and Southeast Asia after the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004, in conjunction with the same production team for the “Behind The…” series.

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“As an Executive Producer, I am excited about discovering and telling new stories.”Sway began his career as a hip hop artist, and as the co-host of the seminal hip hop Bay Area radio program “The Wake Up Show,” where he gave artists such as Eminem, Notorious B. As host of his own Sirius XM/Shade 45 radio show, Sway has interviewed every global hip hop and pop artist of the last 15 years as well as U. senators, governors, President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joseph Biden and President Barack Obama – four times.He started a music convention called “How Can I Be Down” where artist went and..promoted themselves and got advice from music executives. He also broke Groove Theory’s “Tell Me” Supposedly was extorting Diddy at the start of Bad Boy records.Years before, in 1994, he shot a cop in Philadelphia the cop was extorting Beans and his niggas on the block everyday. The case is about the killing of a G Unit associate named Lowell ‘Lodi-Mack’ Fletcher.

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