Hep c and dating

08-Dec-2017 22:14

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If your doctor thinks you may have hepatitis C, he or she will talk to you about having a blood test.If the test shows hepatitis C , to make sure that you don't have liver cancer.Some people with hepatitis C don't notice a change in the way they feel. You may feel better if you exercise and eat healthy foods.To help prevent further liver damage, avoid alcohol and illegal drugs and certain medicines that can be hard on your liver.They find out when their blood is tested before a blood donation or as part of a routine checkup.

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Experts recommend that nearly everyone who has hepatitis C receive treatment.

You can get hepatitis C if: In rare cases, a mother with hepatitis C spreads the virus to her baby at birth, or a health care worker is accidentally exposed to blood that is infected with hepatitis C.

Frequently asked questions about hepatitis C, from the VA National Hepatitis C Program.… continue reading »

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Nov 18, 2016. There is nothing more particular about dating a person with hepatitis C than, let's say, a person with diabetes. Certain rules should be exercised, and with hepatitis C, as long as very basic hygiene rules are followed, it presents no real danger. And as with any other chronic disease, it's important to be open.… continue reading »

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Aug 9, 2016. Hepatitis C is often called the "silent virus", and as such, its exact prevalence in society is unknown. Spread mainly from blood-to-blood contact, the virus attacks the liver, leading to chronic illness. In recent years, huge changes have taken place in the treatment of hepatitis C, with the National Treatment.… continue reading »

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Aug 15, 2017. Considering the hepatitis C disparities in San Francisco, END Hep C SF works hard to collectively make access to testing and treatment available to everyone in the city, especially high-risk populations who are bearing the greatest burden of disease. To date, End Hep C SF estimates that 4,000–5,000.… continue reading »

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