Gypsy dating rules orangetxdating

07-Aug-2017 06:22

After their marriage none of them seemed to be happy but to have accepted the role of wife who also has little say in their husband’s life while he has complete control over theirs.In the gypsy community woman are not allowed to drink before marriage but men/boys are allowed to drink from the time they are children.After marriage if the woman wants to drink it is only at the approval of her husband that she is allowed.She must ask her husband for permission to do anything and if she wants to go out to the bar she is usually accompanied by him and going in his time frame.

The beginning of the gypsy woman’s life is spent planning her wedding, which will happen between ages 14-22 generally.

These women have no say in their own lives most of them never work and are pulled from schools early.

They are trained to think that a male dominated relationship is what is supposed to happen in their lives and that domestic abuse is a normal part of a relationship.

Each woman that was interviewed after her marriage was unhappy; this shows me that these women are craving something more though they may not even know it.

They are taught that being a wife and mother is all they are going to be good at in life and given no value outside of that.

The men are physically hurtful to prove their dominance over women in this community, this is what keeps the women in line and helps to train them that they are supposed to accept this violence as part of their lives.