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Then he pulled my wrist out from under me and my right shoulder hit the bed, then he grabbed my left. He licked his finger and pressed it against my asshole. Gag, spit, cough, fall back on it for 10 more thrusts.

I squirmed on him and moaned helplessly into the bedding. “Me, too,” he answered as he rolled on another condom and shoved himself back inside. His breathing became more labored and his thrusts even deeper.

During the summer of 2008, “Anna Mayer” was getting ready to begin her first semester in graduate school.

In her spare time, she wrote a pseudonymous blog about her weight struggles, body acceptance, and other personal issues.

Rolled up on my side in a little ball he fucked me from the side and I felt every inch scrape inside and felt lucky that our paths crossed: this man knew how to fuck. Once I stopped and clapped my hand over my mouth and ran to the bathroom. I nodded wordlessly and fell back down on the shaft.

On my hands and knees I bent over, my ass spread for him as he stood comfortably on the floor. I bounced on him and he gripped my hips not painlessly. He called after me that it was ok, but it burned and tasted awful. My breathing was erratic and I struggled figure to breathe, his cock stuffed me so full it was semi terrifying.

He grew even larger in my mouth and I heard him gasp and begin to moan. I couldn’t breathe, was horrified at the mess I was making, but trusted him completely to guide me through it.

I squirted again, popped off of him to tell him what was happening to me, what that wetness on his legs was, and he moaned loudly with pleasure. “I’m going to cum,” I heard him say and I squirted again. ” I came hard and strong with his voice in my ear and his gigantic hand clenching my breasts.

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I squirted on his legs and threw up into the towel. “I stopped to get gas and was so distracted about coming over here that I drove off with the gas hose in the tank.” We laughed.

Thoughts of gangbangs and spankings and bright red hand marks sped through my brain.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked to my bed and gently laid me down.

With soap in my hair I heard a knock on the bathroom door then another followed by a muffled voice. I laughed thinking about asking David to snag it for me. I dried myself off, put on a strappy sundress and a little blush. Butterflies swarmed in my belly as I patiently waited wondering what would happen between us. He filled the doorway and I could see the bulge in his shorts.

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“Good morning,” I said and stepped aside to let him in. “I’m on my period,” I explained, “and I have a menstrual cup in.” He looked at me with more questions. You won’t feel a thing.” We laughed a little at the short stop at pragmatism and continued to kiss as his hands rubbed my lips gently, carefully avoiding my insides.I gagged and squirted, gagged around the hot fatness jammed in my mouth, but didn’t leave him. Apparently he’s not just a good lay, but a little human, too.Tears poured from my face, slobber coated my lips and his groin. Semen oozed out of my nose and mixed with my tears.