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There are very few Canadian adaptations of American, British, and Dutch-originated quiz shows in the English language.

Most, like versions of The Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy! Some English-language versions of these shows include Supermarket Sweep, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

MATERIALS: Ability to Learn (Optional: Mini Notebook) Multitasking Portable Hand Held Hobby Love (Always Consistent, Though at Varying Levels) Headphones/Selective Hearing (Note: Selective Hearing is Recommended if You Seriously Love Them) Good Cooking Skills/or Access to Pizza/Mexican Food/Not-Fast-Food- Burgers) Good Sense of Humor (THIS IS A MANDATORY MATERIAL) Patience × (MONTHS DATING ×10) Creativity (Or a Creative Friend) Adventure (THIS IS A MANDATORY MATERIAL) Time (Note: For Best Results, the Amount of Time Spent on This Will Coincide with How Well You Can Learn and Apply New Material) (Note: Not all materials are needed at all times, but recommended to be kept in close proximity.

There is one material that will be used constantly, and this is Good Sense of Humor.

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Materials Needed for This Step: • Good Sense of Humor • Ability to Learn • Love • Patience • Adventure • Time (about 2 hours) To properly execute this step be sure to constantly add you love and patience in with your good sense of humor.Note: After this step your Gamer may want to resume Game Time.If this occurs you can choose between resuming your observation or go do something else.and The Price Is Right being three notable exceptions.

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