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08-Apr-2017 19:31

It gave rise to a women's movement in India, sprouting a host of groups dedicated to empowering women.

At last, people here began to see gender-based violence for what it really is: a brutal act of power.

, a tribal girl, and she performed the most menial of jobs to put bread in her belly.

She collected cow dung with her bare hands, shaped it into patties, slapped them on walls to dry and then sold them as fuel. I used to watch women in my Kolkata neighborhood do the same thing, using the back wall of my grandfather's house.

Her case was monumental, both from a social and legal perspective.

It sparked public protest for the first time about rape in India and led to the reform of sexual assault laws.

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Numerous other stories, opinion pieces and timelines on rape legislation mentioned the case. Sweeping generalizations about my country in news coverage on sexual assault both embarrassed and angered me.

But did she manage to love, have children, find happiness?