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After my confession I was taken to another room and told to strip and kneel on the floor.All three wardens were present when I had my right arm cuffed and I was led to a cell. Occasionally I heard the sound of other inmates in their cells but otherwise it was quiet. My eyes slowly adjusted to the gloom and I saw the knot tying my arms to the chair. I was made to lick Warden Anastaxia’s boots as a punishment.If you have attended a party and wish to submit a testimonial, please send yours to “Having read about the Domina Parties for a couple of years, I finally plucked up the courage to attend and opted for the Extended Bondage Day in Birmingham. My first impression as I was received was of a well organised event in a good location.I knocked on the door and awaited with trepidation, wondering what I was stepping into. I had filled out the online form to the best of my ability, but couldn’t include everything that I wanted to in the space.The next day I arrived at the venue on time and was taken down to the dungeon.I was roughly pushed up against a wall and made to explain why I was being locked up.Two of the wardens were waiting outside on the threshold as I arrived to hand myself over to their authority.My previous (6-hour) term in The Facility had involved the usual lengthy periods of solitary incarceration, interspersed with fiendish interludes of CBT, bondage, nipple torture, beatings, spitting, slapping and forced strap-on sucking, inflicted on me by the wardens.

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I have recently had some surgery so I made sure the details were noted.

Trying to multi-task, I was simultaneously required to carry out some prolonged boot worship – so lots of kissing and licking of leather.