Free adult worcester phone chat

13-Aug-2017 19:58

Helen Lippitt runs the Dizz Kids/Dizz Teens sessions so please contact her for further information Helen Lippitt Hi, I am Tracie and I am a mum of a little boy with dyspraxia .

As a local coordinator I am hoping to support both adults and children.

Please only call within these hours) The Surrey Support Group’s aim is to provide friendly support for families affected by dyspraxia.

The Group holds three Parents’ Support Group meetings a year in March, June and October, usually on the second Saturday of the month from 10 am until 11.45 am, at our venue in Molesey.

The East Longmeadow Public Library will be participating in the annual Boston Bruins PJ Drive for area children in need.The aim of the Dyspraxia Foundation Cumbria Support Group is to provide practical support, friendly faces and advice for those who have experience of dyspraxia themselves or as a parent /carer of a child with dyspraxia.Unfortunately we do not have a Voluntary Local Group Coordinator in Essex at the moment However , if you have any questions on Dyspraxia or are looking for help and guidance we do have a Voluntary Local Contact who is a parent of a child with Dyspraxia and is happy to offer support and advice locally via the email address provided Hello and welcome to the Hampshire Support Group.Parent feedback suggested they were looking for peer support and advice and the groups’ inaugural parent meeting was held on Wednesday 16th March.