Framemaker toc not updating

10-May-2017 23:41

After a bit of googling and experimenting, I discovered that FM book files retain meta data about the conditions used by the files within the book, and the only reliable way to get rid of the data was to re-generate the book. When I create the TOC, everything looks fine except I lose the Chapter numbers.The only thing I found out is that the mini-TOC is an Inline Component (see: but that does not give me anything I can work with.I can't offer any code of what I have besides var doc = app.I'm currently trying to automate a process using Framemaker's built-in scripting editor.This process involves refreshing the mini-TOC, but I can't find a method for doing that.You can perform operations, such as spell checking or updating of cross-references, across all the files in the book at the same time. They can be added and rearranged in a logical order from front to back (Figure 13.1).

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One particular chapter of information was repeated in 3 guides, and 3 versions of the content were being maintained separately, so we decided to merge the chapters and reference a single file from all 3 book files. When we started the merge, though, we discovered that the 3 chapters used different condition tags that all did the same thing. It’s a great documentation tool, and unlike a certain other product, it doesn’t try to read your mind and make all kinds of weird and wonderful unrequested changes under the hood without checking with you first. I have had problems with one instance of FM storing meta data without letting me know it was doing so, or giving me an easy way to remove it: when you update a book file, FM catalogs and hangs on to some meta data about its contents that you might rather it forgot at some point and there’s no obvious way to make that happen.The data type I’m aware of (there may be others I’ve not encountered) is condition tags.To build a book, you assemble its components, which can be: When the book is updated, Frame Maker updates generated files and numbering throughout the book (Figure 13.3).

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Figure 13.3 The Update Book dialog box displays items that can be updated across the book.

When you update the book, you can regenerate the TOC and index as well.

Generated List. TOC. TOC. Table of Contents. Para. Collate. LOF. LOF. List of Figures. Para. Collate. LOT. LOT. List of Tables. Para. Collate. LOP. LOP. List of Paragraphs. Para. Collate. LOM. LOM. List of Markers. Markers. Collate. AML. AML. Alphabetical Marker List. Markers. Sort. APL. APL. Alphabetical Paragraph List.… continue reading »

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