Foot fetish hook up

25-Feb-2017 10:01

Also, it's nice to know that even if I put on a lot of weight there'd still be at least one part of my body he'd still find attractive.Woman B: I love foot play a lot, to the point where a man becomes more attractive to me if I know he has a foot fetish.

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We just made out and I told him he could play with my feet if he wanted to.

If I'm ever not in the mood for sex, I can just tell him to ejaculate on my feet instead and then we're both happy.

I'll talk about my feet being hot or sweaty to turn him on (obviously not in front of other people), and I've kept hold of a pair of shoes that make my feet smell because I know he likes them.

Three anonymous women opened up to about what it's like to be in a relationship with a foot fetishist. I was very familiar with foot fetishists long before I ever hooked up with one for fun …

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I was flattered that he told me, when nobody else knew.He regretted not telling me sooner because he could have been having years of great sex with me.Woman A: Mainly him just smelling them and licking them.Woman A: Feet don't turn me on at all, but I think it's brilliant.

Why aren't foot fetishists eager to hook up? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Why do some people have a foot fetish. Did you meet anybody on Quora and hook up with.… continue reading »

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