Dreamweaver cs3 template not updating

30-Dec-2017 19:32

The solution, while slightly less delicious sans sorbet, is quite ingenious: Dreamweaver keeps track of which files you’ve changed since you started editing and allows you to transfer only those files that have changed since then.

This operation is known as Synchronizing the two copies of your site.

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As you can see, the process of changing your website from a liquid layout to a fixed layout or vice versa is fairly painless, since the web editor takes care of updating all your pages for you.

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There are actually several ways to do this depending on how many changes you’ve made and how thoroughly you want to review each transfer operation.

Remember that the local copy is the one that’s “living” on your computer: it’s only visible to you.

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Every time you view your site on the internet (at an address starting with “ you are viewing the remote copy of your site.After completing the “Try it Out” on the last page, we have some basic content in the form of an “index.html” file that has the image “bunny.jpg” on it.Now it’s time to make the remote copy of your site match the local copy of your site.Here’s how to upload your “index.html” file to the remote site: Upon clicking the Put button, Dreamweaver will Put your “index.html” and “bunny.jpg” files onto the Remote site.

You can verify this by toggling to the remote site in the Files Palette and clicking the Refresh button to see the two new files uploaded, as depicted in the screen shot to the right. This operation is so common that Dreamweaver has duplicated the Get/Put buttons in the row of buttons above the Design View, as depicted in the screen shot to the right.

by Christopher Heng, A few visitors who use thesitewizard.com's Dreamweaver tutorials recently asked me how they can switch their website from a liquid layout template to a fixed layout one, without having to redo their website from scratch.

Dreamweaver's website management and template system allows a webmaster to create and manage multiple pages on a website the easy way, without having to manually update every page on a website every time you make a change to the design. If you're not doing using both the above features, then this article is.… continue reading »

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