Dating policy sears

30-Apr-2017 06:48

And if you don’t count the talks we had about their “smart” Pro Series lockable tool box that Ben reviewed, our last communications were even earlier.Back in early 2015, someone at Sears reached out, asking for some personal feedback on the tool department.Customer service has gotten worse, tool selection has been stagnant in some areas, greatly diminishing in others.Their website is not up to modern usability standards, in my opinion.I worked with lots of people at Sears and Craftsman.Many of them were very excited and prideful of the brand.They used to have a great tool buyer, bringing a variety of otherwise hard to find brands to stores, online and brick & mortar. I tried to remain positive, that it was okay if some new tools were made overseas, as long as the core tools were continued to be made here. Craftsman discontinued their Craftsman Professional brand, and slowly but very obviously, they stopped making tools here.

It’s sometimes too much of a headache to order from, and there’s no local store I can easily visit anymore.

I shared my then-opinions about Sears and Craftsman, and after I presented the idea, he expressed interest in seeing reader feedback as well.