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02-May-2017 18:45

The dimly-lit lounge has comfortable couches perfect for intimate conversations, pool tables and a fully-stocked bar that serves beer, wine and mixed drinks.

Bottle service is available for folks who just want to chill and have a private get-together with a new friend.

The definition of "cougar" varies, but usually it refers to a woman in her 40s, 50s or 60s who likes to date guys between 10 and 20 years her junior.

Allegedly, the term originated in 2001 in Vancouver.

But there's a group of older gals in the dating scene, often referred to as "cougars," and these ladies aren't turning to a houseful of cats for companionship.

Instead, they're dating dudes a decade or more younger than they are, and in some cases, calling the shots.

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A bustling singles bar with a reputation for fun, Taylor's ( is open late every night.

Grab a streetside table on the outdoor patio and people watch.

Jones says he witnesses the cougar / fresh meat hook-up, but that the women are pickier than one might think.

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"Most of these women are interested in guys in their 30s, maybe late 20s, but usually not the extremely young men," he says."Some older women prefer going after younger guys, and that's cool," says Grove.Plus, some guys find the older woman more attractive because she doesn't have the "biological ticking clock." Many cougars have grown children or have reached menopause.Alex Grove, a 25-year-old bartender at Taylor's says he's regularly approached by older women, but the word "cougar" doesn't really make sense to him. "I still think of (the character in) 'Top Gun' when I hear the word." Whereas the "cougar" term once described a creepy matron with a tickle in her mom jeans, it has better connotation these days.

The purpose of Milwaukee Area Christian Singles - MACS is to encourage Singles 40+, whether divorced, widowed or never been married to purposefully live out the principles established in the Holy Bible in service to their Lord Jesus Christ and to provide a safe environment for fellowship, ministry opportunities, and.… continue reading »

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