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Tickets are ON SALE NOW to see @30SECONDSTOMARS at Madison Square Garden on June 20 with @Walk The Moon Band, @Misterwives and @Joywave here: Don't miss it!(2016), he was so much in character that he began to creep out the rest of the set, including co-stars and director David Ayer. Real Name: Paul William Walker IV Occupation: Actor Date of Birth: September 12, 1973 How Old Was Paul Walker: He died at the age of 40.The rumour mill went into overdrive during Oscar season with claims that two of the nominees were getting cosy off screen and it appears that there may have been something to it after all.Despite being linked with rapper K'naan and singer Miley Cyrus, Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto looked very cosy in a series of selfies that were posted on Instagram this week.Whether you love to hate them or hate to love them, there’s something undeniably mesmerizing about James Franco and Jared Leto, two successful Hollywood leading men who sort of have no business being where they are at this point. It’s also responsible for launching the careers of several beloved actors, most notably Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, and, yes, a young James Franco.Few actors have enjoyed careers more varied or bizarre than those of Franco and Leto. His Daniel Desario was a quintessential high school bad boy; handsome, smooth, flunking and prone to leather jackets.The winners got up close and personal in Paris for a series of photos, with the pair seen smiling and pulling faces for the camera.

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That’s why no reputable publication ever backed up the claims and why the two never went public with any kind of romance in the year since then.Stranger still is that both actors have followed near-identical, yet equally unlikely trajectories, parlaying breakthroughs as alt-teen heartthrobs (Franco in ) into eventual Oscar nominations (and in Leto’s case, a win). Both front rock bands (Franco has a Morrissey-inspired band, Daddy, and of course Leto has Thirty Seconds to Mars) and have fronted Gucci campaigns, both have tried their hand at directing, both have been comic-book villains (Franco as Harry Osborn in ), both have (allegedly) had sexual encounters with Lindsay Lohan, both are objectively beautiful, single white men whose names start with "J." And the casting announcement of either actor in any project tends to elicit, these days, a unique existential apathy that manifests itself in an eye-roll accompanied by, “I guess that makes sense.”A unicorn is by definition singular, and yet here we are presented with two. With those squinty eyes and the devilish grin, Franco brought an undeniable star charisma that transcended the high school genre (my mother swooned at the time). Where Desario was simply failing classes, Catalano was straight-up illiterate.It only seems fair that we examine one in the context of the other, and vice versa. Where Desario had a secret heart of gold, Catalano was a brooding, choker-wearing emotional assassin.Co-star Will Smith said he “literally have not met him yet”. Birth Place: Glendale, California How Tall is Paul Walker: 6 feet and 2 inches (1.87 m) Weight: 190lbs...