Dating heisey glass

07-Feb-2017 23:36

The company went to great lengths to produce distinct colors, and Heisey glass may often be identified from the specific colors alone.

In 1925, Flamingo (a pastel rose-pink) and Moongleam (a vivid green) were introduced and produced in large quantities. Sahara, which replaced Marigold, is a satisfying soft lemony yellow color. Tangerine, a bright orange-red produced from about 1933, was part of a trend to darker, more vivid colors.

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The Great Plains Heisey Club received its charter at the Heisey Convention in June, 2000.

The company also made glass automobile headlights and Holophane Glassware lighting fixtures.

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The Great Plains Heisey Club was founded in October, 1999 by collectors of Heisey glass who wanted to expand their knowledge about Heisey glass.

At the time the factory closed, the Imperial Glass Company bought the molds for the Heisey glass production and continued producing some pieces mostly with the Imperial Glass mark until they went out of business in 1984.

Many of these pieces were animal figurines, mostly in new or original colors using the old molds.

Heisey glassware is readily identifiable by its high clarity and brilliance.

It is highly finished through the process of firepolishing, with polished bottoms.Other displays show the company's glass manufacturing process through molds, tools, etching plates, factory designs, and samples.In addition to the exhibits, the museum features a media center, company archives (with many original molds), a library, and a gift shop.Popular pattern names include Crystolite, Greek Key, Empress, Plantation, Ridgeleigh, Stanhope, Old Sandwich, and Yeoman, amongst dozens of others.