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01-Jan-2017 15:34

However, it comes down, ultimately, to who is more important to you long-term -- the friend or the potential partner?The risk may be worth the reward, but make certain you are prepared for the potential loss(es).

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Some would argue that this decision comes down to whether you choose to listen to the devil on your right or the angel on your left.Losing a friend over a relationship, which may or may not work out, is indeed a gamble. The shorter the relationship, the easier time you’ll have convincing yourself (and everyone else) to move forward in your pursuit. Love has a funny way of coming at a time when you’re not looking and least expecting it.A relationship with the ex of a friend is undoubtedly easier to justify if said friend ended the relationship.Make sure you both agree what this relationship is, what it could be become and what you both want.

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If you are in agreement, it’s time to break the news to the friend (your overlapping social network will also be grateful once this step is complete).Did I mention that dating the ex of a friend is not a simple yes or no?This is a Jerry Springer episode in the making, but I have to ask this. Early this year I started dating a girl that was married to a friend of mine for 5-6 years.Others would say, “Absolutely not; the exes of friends are always off limits.” Still, others maintain that an ex is an ex, and once they’ve moved on, the subsequent choices he or she makes are no longer the interest of the former partner.