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Fear of abandonment is the hallmark of the fatherless daughter. Alcoholism is a frequent problem among the mothers, fathers, and stepfathers of fatherless daughters.8.Directly linked to fear of abandonment are many other emotional problems, including issues with intimacy, sex, trust, commitment, shame, and most of all, anger. Death of a father, because of its finality, is commonly thought to offer closure to a fatherless daughter. Abandonment by a father, if the father is still alive, is commonly thought to offer hope to a fatherless daughter. If your mother coped with strength, intelligence, and empathy toward you after your father's death or abandonment, the chances are good that you were spared many of the problems faced by fatherless daughters.6. If, as an adult, you have put together a happy relationship with a husband or partner, you are well on your way toward resolving your father loss issues.9. It's never too late to "find" your dad-and to come to terms with his loss.12.

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Here is a list of the 12 essential factors I concluded about father loss:1.Who are you if not even your mother/father loves you?You must be horribly unloveable/defective if your own father/mother can not stand to be with you/love you... I see someone took issue with your statement about how you personally found abandonment by one of your parents even more difficult to deal with than the death of your other parent. I remember probably 15 years later my mother saying to me that losing another man she loved after my father was more difficult for her than the death of my father. To the person above- There is nothing wrong with focusing on one particular area of psychology.Your life would not necessarily have been better if your father had been present in the family; different, certainly, but not necessarily better. You are not responsible for hurts you endured as a child, but you are responsible for your life today. Coming to terms with the loss of your dad--and forgiving all those who may have let you down-- is liberating, freeing you to experience life, love, peace, and happiness.

Based on these findings, it may appear that fatherless daughters are doomed to neurotic, unsatisfied lives. Many of the most accomplished women in history and at work in our world today are fatherless daughters.

So I interviewed over 100 women whose fathers had either died or abandoned the family before the girls turned 18. (I also did quite a bit of additional reading, research, and interviews with professionals in the worlds of psychology and sociology.) I learned a tremendous amount.