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They developed a sophisticated socio-political culture based on agriculture and the knowledge of the use of iron technology.

Another notable ethnic group in Nigeria is the Kanuri. The “So” version reveals that Kanuri were the original settlers in Kanem-Borno.

In political terms, the development of the office of the Sarki of a birni (city) like Kano was very significant.

It is important to know that the head of a typical Hausa state was the Sarki who was supported by a retinue of officials in an elaborate court.

As devout Muslims, they were very instrumental in assisting Shehu Usman Danfodiyo in the execution of the popular Sokoto Jihad which helped in the socio-political as well as the religious changes of Northern Nigeria in the course of the nineteenth century.

Following the Jihad, (an aggressive campaign for an idea) they functioned basically as administrators and sometimes as cultivators.

1.5), and this gave the Fulani an important position in the political affairs of the Hausa states. 1.5: Sokoto Caliphate and its boundaries From what you have learnt, the Hausa are reputable long-distance traders and great cultivators.

In the south it extended to the Old Oyo and crosses the Benue.

ITQ: Figure 1.5 identifies the expanse of the Sokoto Caliphate. ITA: The Sokoto caliphate is bound to the North West by Gobir; and Borno to the North East.

26 4.3 Cultural Areas of Nigeria And Their Characteristics. The latter have settled in towns and villages teaching, farming, trading etc. 1.8: A Fulani cattle herder The Fulani are widely distributed in West Africa most especially in the Sahel, wandering from one spot to another with their herds of cattle (Fig. In fact, they are found in almost every country of the Sudan zone of West Africa extending from the Senegal area in the West to the Upper Nile in the east. They strive to maintain their tradition and culture wherever they go.

The former, who have maintained their nomadic way of life, move from one place to another in search of pasture or grazing land for their livestock. 1.9: Fulani distribution in West Africa The pastoral Fulani’s life is principally basic and simple. ITA: You might have thought about such names as Peul by the Wolf, Fula by the Bambara, Fellata by the Kanuris and Fulani by the Hausas. ITQ: You have just learnt that Fulanis are called differently by different people, what are these names given to them by different people? ITA It may well be a warrior of some sort or a hunter or charmer. 1.7 A general map showing Fulani States in c 1830 Fulani is a notable ethnic group in Northern Nigeria.