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06-Mar-2017 03:27

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American Born Chinese is an amazing rise, all the way up to the astonishing climax--and confirms what a growing number of readers already know: Gene Yang is a major talent.

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An intentionally over-the-top stereotypical Chinese character -- and every protagonist's search for acceptance -- make this a better fit for teen readers who have the sophistication to understand the author's intent.

" /Teens who read this book might be inspired to learn more about the Monkey King and may be inspired to learn about fables from China and other cultures.

He is single and is having a hard time finding a girlfriend right now.

He prefers white girls, but has dated girls from a lot of different races. He is average looking, and does not look like a anime character or KPOP star. I told him to try online dating and he has, but hasn't found any success. He tells me that he thinks a lot of women do not find Chinese men to be attractive because they tend to be shorter, skinner, have non of the facial traits that women find to be attractive, aren't portrayed as sexual & desirable in popular media, and are known to have small egg rolls.

There's some sexual innuendo, potty humor, fighting, and a fairly graphic scene in which a monk is impaled on a spear and put on a spit over a fire, though he's rescued.

An over-the-top stereotypically Chinese character will give sophisticated readers something to talk about.

The next section returns to Jin Weng who has moved on to seventh grade. He had begun to notice girls, in particular Amelia Harris. At first his friend Wei-Chen made fun of him, but when Jin said he was acting F. O. B. fresh off the boat, Wei-Chen began dating Suzy Nakamura. When Amelia volunteered to stay after school.… continue reading »

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Nov 17, 2013. Hi, I was talking to a Chinese American friend of mine. He is in his mid twenties, college educated, works in Downtown, Chicago, and earns around $45,0.… continue reading »

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American Born Chinese Chapters - American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang Summary and Analysis. Suzy Nakamura - a Japanese-American girl in Jin and Wei-Chen's class who dates Wei-Chen in middle school and punches Jin when he tries to kiss her. Greg - friend of Amelia who disapproves of her dating Jin… continue reading »

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