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30-Jan-2018 19:53

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The balancing act between light and darkness is very real for him. If you aren’t a spiritual practioner of any kind, now would be a great time to start.If you already are, then dig deeper and stay there. Set a strong message that you won’t stand for anything but EVERYTHING. He wants his demure and sensitive partner to put him to his place. Tears don’t hurt him but your absence in his life will. They teach us to rise and shine brighter than ever before. He may even come across as critical and don’t be at all surprised if his job has some form of critic-related responsibilities, whether he reviews products or works as a pro movie critic for the professional paper.Your Virgo man has a sharp mind, one with a serious eye for the smallest of details.There is a quiet strength, a mysterious nature, a mysticism that draws the spirit and calls on your soul before the mind is aware of what is really taking place. If things aren’t great on the home front you can pretty much guarantee that he will be looking for attention elsewhere.They are for the most part confident without the need for bragging. All of this leads to the reason why and that reason may surprise you.Virgo Men like broadminded partners with a wide perspective and an open mindset.You can count on him translating perfection in the bedroom as taking his time while making love, as he is wanting to perfect his technique or prolong each ecstatic moment as much as feasibly possible.

Your man will have an unbelievable love for all critters and don’t be surprised if he works with animals or dreams about doing so in the future.But the Virgo can also be assertive and demanding in his own right. Getting exactly what he wants though, is a recipe for disaster for him. You are going to have to become a much stronger version of yourself. The Virgo man might come across as very reserved or introverted and will sometimes seem excessively serious.

At the same time and in the blink of an eye, the Virgo man can take a different look at reality and still make light of it while joking around.He is dedicated to the Divine light in every area of his life. He needs to feel that he is working towards something. He’s not the man that you want to do everything for or with. Once you open up completely and give your heart to him, he’ll switch off. You would be well advised to encourage him to continue seeking and cultivating his Divine nature.He can be the most spiritual man that you have ever met. Practicing it together is a great way of ensuring he remains in the light.One thing’s for sure, the Virgo guy will keep you hopping and if you want deep, intellectual conversations as your type of pillow talk, then the Virgo man is perfect for you!

Just like there are some tremendous pros to dating a Virgo man, there are also some cons that you may consider. They may be so off-putting that you realize he's not right for you. Here are the top 5 cons to dating a Virgo man for you to consider. click to continue.… continue reading »

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The Virgo man's best companion is dependent upon which extreme he is presenting; sometimes he's so shy and acting like a virgin-like wall flower, and other times he wants to drop the practicality and analytic hat for some good old fashion passion. Virgo Men like broadminded partners with a wide perspective and an open.… continue reading »

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