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13-Sep-2017 04:37

For more information, see the “Suggest a Site” link in the navigation at About the International Alliance for Honest Dating Sites The Int’l Alliance for Honest Dating Sites was founded by leading industry experts.Honest Dating serves as a resource for men and women looking to international dating sites as a means of forging lasting relationships.

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“Without standards in the industry, how would anyone know the good operations from the bad?We aim to raise awareness about the types of fraud in the industry and to help sincere men and women find and use trustworthy sites in order to develop real relationships.” Invitation to Join The Int’l Alliance for Honest Dating Sites is extending an open invitation to apply for admission.Now through March 1, 2014, managers and owners of international dating websites are welcome to apply for admittance to the list of “Approved Sites”.The Alliance provides 24-hour crisis intervention, emergency shelter, transitional and long term housing, financial assistance, women and youth support group, legal advocacy, assistance with restraining orders and divorce papers, children’s services, information and referrals to victims of domestic and sexual violence, as well as community education and prevention efforts.