Consolidating 2 columns excel

11-Sep-2017 18:15

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So, our two arguments for the function will be B2 and A2. First, you can type the cell references, separated by commas, after the opening parenthesis and then add a closing parenthesis at the end: You can also click on a cell to enter it into the CONCATENATE function.

In our example, after typing the name of the function and the opening parenthesis, we click on the B2 cell, type a comma after B2 in the function, click on the A2 cell, and then type the closing parenthesis after A2 in the function.

The commas are important because they tell Batchbook these are separate items.

So the ‘x’ in the blue column will now say ‘blue,’.

Once the formula is in I’ll hit enter and see my new column showing ‘blue,green,purple,’.

Now all I need to do is add that formula to the rest of the cells in the column.

You can also concatenate text from multiple cells using the ampersand (&) operator. There’s no real advantage of using one over the other.

although using the ampersand operator results in a shorter entry.

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Make sure the three arguments are separated by commas.

The small square on the lower-right corner of the selected is called the fill handle.