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However, once a collector becomes more knowledgeable, he or she can decipher their dates of origin through various physical attributes.

For example, I am always on the lookout for any protruding pieces of glass or any seemingly unnatural gullies which indicate that the area may have been a dumping ground of the past. Early admission was and general admission was , which confirms the widely held notion that it is crucial to arrive at shows earlier before all the finest, rarest bottles disappear.While I have seen similar versions that are worth 0, I am not sure if I will sell it because a tremendous amount of time went into the search for it.In general, bottle shows are a great way for enthusiasts to come together, meet new people, gather information, and, most prominently, to display and put pieces from their collections up for sale.Though, my favorite part of the show occurred when I found a Little’s White Oil from Scottsville, VA.

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That bottle, which at one point housed a liniment dating back to the late 1800s, was a considerably fascinating find.Today, Pepsi has become one of the most widely recognized brands, selling around 8 billion dollars worth of products worldwide in 2009, 37% of that due to beverages alone (Pepsi Co).Glass bottles have played a huge role in the promotion, sale, and history of Pepsi.A couple of bottles I bought were the Turf Oil Dove & Co.