Clay buchholz dating erica

25-Jul-2017 08:37

“It doesn’t surprise me any,” said Clay’s dad Skip.

“Last year up in Boston he was dating a Victoria’s Secret model, so he’s moving up the ladder." "I mean, he’s got pretty good taste,” continued the elder Buchholz.

Father: Skip Buchholz Mother: Robin Girlfriend: Erica Ellyson (Penthouse Pet, together 2008)Wife: Lindsay Clubine (model, m.

Like a distant tide, you can almost smell baseball season.

Here’s wishing Clay and his new honey hours of intense, passionate .

There's really nothing to these "paparazzi stalk Tom Brady and Gisele" videos on TMZ, but for some reason we enjoy watching how Brady just ignores every question, including the one about a rumored sex tape featuring him and the model.

During a visit to the Stern show earlier this week, Ellyson stripped down with fellow Penthouse Pet Bree Olson and made out on the Stern sofa. Ellyson is originally from Pascagoula, MS, but she now resides in San Diego, California, where she is working toward a Bachelor's degree in Architecture at the Newschool of Architecture and Design.

Last season, Buchholz, 23, became the first rookie to throw a no-hitter in Red Sox history.

So for the second consecutive start, we have seen what people have been saying we would eventually see from Buchholz (ignore the No Hitter, it was september against a bunch of call ups for a last place team, and for his well being we can’t compare every start to that because it was a fluke), and for the second consecutive start he has come out with a loss.Clay Buchholz once dated Penthouse playmate Erica Ellyson.Clubine, 26, is listed on People Magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People,” and is also a “Deal or No Deal” model.After completing her education, she moved to Chicago, Illinois to work for the United States Army.

There, she met and married Navy career Chief Petty Officer, Joseph Wolf II.

With a dismissive shrug and a "Hey, I don't get paid for this shit" safety net, I can spout off like a goddamn white whale and fudge my way into sounding somewhat knowledgeable---ah, the beauty of being an imaginary sportswriter.