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A foreign partnership is a partnership that is not created or organized in the United States or under the law of the United States or of any state.

See Notice 2010-41 for information on when a domestic partnership will be classified as foreign.

To make the election, the partnership must have had 100 or more partners during the preceding tax year.

See Form 8832, Entity Classification Election, for more details.

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is formed under a state limited liability partnership law.

Generally, a partner in an LLP is not personally liable for the debts of the LLP or any other partner, nor is a partner liable for the acts or omissions of any other partner, solely by reason of being a partner.

A limited partner is a partner in a partnership formed under a state limited partnership law, whose personal liability for partnership debts is limited to the amount of money or other property that the partner contributed or is required to contribute to the partnership.

Some members of other entities, such as domestic or foreign business trusts or limited liability companies that are classified as partnerships, may be treated as limited partners for certain purposes.The ELP's tax year ends on the date of termination which is the date the ELP winds up its affairs.Special rules apply in the case of a merger, consolidation, or division of a partnership. The IRS may waive the electronic filing rules if the partnership demonstrates that a hardship would result if it were required to file its return electronically.It used to be that my retirement age of 52 was “early.” Now I’m just a slacker, at least when age is the primary consideration. Here are the basic steps of the FIRE movement:(function() { var IE = /*@cc_on!

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