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27-Feb-2017 09:48

Analysis by a human bone expert found that the skull had suffered from gum disease and tooth loss.The woman's diet included coarse material, which had unevenly worn her remaining teeth and resulted in severe osteoarthritis in the joint of her right jaw.Her head appears to have been deliberately removed at, or shortly after, death and could have been part of a ritual offering'But how could @Som Heritage [the South West Heritage Trust] investigate the area when it's winter and full of water?

Some readers who have been intrigued, and perhaps impressed, by the body of evidence presented on this site, may wonder why I have included a page on the Shroud of Turin. Most importantly, I only present evidence I find compelling.

Roger Evans, of Newtown, found the skull along the banks of the River Sowy in Langport back in March 2017.

She would have lived some time between 380-190BC – several centuries before the first Roman invasion of Britain.

Although the bodily proportions are realistic, and a lot of fine detail can be made out, the overall image was not until recent times considered very life-like.

All this changed in 1898, when photographer Secondo Pia developed his photographic plates, and for the first time in history saw the image in all its glory.The Sudarium is described in detail in a later section.The Shroud of Turin is so named because since 1578 it has been held in Turin Cathedral.More posts were seen further down the channel, suggesting that other prehistoric wooden structures are present nearby.

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