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It is situated on the Baltic Sea coast, opposite the island of Fehmarn, approx. Tourism is an important part of the economy of the town. Commemorated: CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL, Kent, United Kingdom. Special note: HMS Hawke was a cruiser launched in 1891. To their right were the two Australian battalions (1st and 3rd) of the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade who had dismounted about 4,000 yards from their objective. casualty=631320Norlink No archive items.1901 Census The 4 year old Ernest J is living at Buxton Road, Aylsham, the town of his birth.Every summer the main attraction is a 10 day festival called 'Hafenfest Tage' (harbour festival) which attracts visitors from all over the country. she was one of the oldest ships in the Royal Navy at the outbreak of World War 1. Panel 25 On Churchyard War Memorial F Pegg On Church Memorial board F Pegg CWGC org/search/casualty_details.aspx? As the infantry went in to attack at 7.30am they were joined by a single tank called "The Nutty" which attracted a lot of shell fire. His parents are Leonard J, (34 and a Road Surveyor from Hevingham), and Louisa E, (aged 30 and from Highfield, Sussex). Buried: FOSSE 7 MILITARY CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE, Pas de Calais, France.To put this visual into perspective, you would add over 5.2 pages just like this one for the 2357 US fatalities, and 1.5 pages more for the 678 fatalities of other allied coalition nations. This also lists a son Wilfred John who fell in action in Egypt, 19th April 1917. Baker On Church Memorial board P Baker CWGC org/search/casualty_details.aspx? am The World of the Penquin am Christmas Morning Service, from Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church 12noon Meet the Kids in Hospital pm Hob Y Deri Dando: songs and music pm Temple Houston pm Pink and Perky pm Compact: A Surprise for Christmas 3pm The Queen's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth 3:5pm Billy Smart's Circus pm Disney Time pm News, followed by an appeal for the Royal Institute for the Deaf pm Robinson Crusoe pm Christmas Night with the Stars 8;45pm Laughter form the Whitehall: Simple Spymen pm News pm The Great War: History of the 1914-18 War: Part II 11:5pm Mexican Fiesta: Latin American folk dance pm Postscript to Christmas Day pm Weather Christmas Day 1964 - Friday 25th December 1964 BBC-2 Television pm Christmas Carols, from the Chapel of the Chapel of King's College, Cambridge pm Slask: Polish State Song and Dance Company 6pm The Cat and the Canary (comedy-thriller) pm News pm The Little Sweep, opera 8:5pm Muses with Milligan: Poetry and Jazz pm Kiss Me Kate (film musical) pm Francis Durbridge Presents: Melissa - Part 3 pm Swann, Wallace and Betjeman Christmas Day 1964 - Friday 25th December 1964 ITA - Rediffusion (London) 9am Carol Service am Small Time: The Adventures of Twizzle am Chaplin Carnival am University Challenge am Mahalia Jackson 11am Family Service from the Parish Church of St.

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Die Straßenbeleuchtung und die Maschinen einer Stellmacherwerkstatt versorgte die Turbine der Mühle mit Strom. The history of the Beedenbosteler mill yard goes back perhaps to the middle ages, when the Beedenbosteler parish was elevated to the diaconate of the Ark (1197). Son of Emily Ducker, of 34, Marlowe Rd., Newnham Croft, Cambridge, and the late William Ducker. casualty=103282Norlink No archive items.1901 Census The 19 year old Henry, born Aylsham, appears to be a Private in an Infantry Regiment, stationed at Britannia Barracks, Norwich. On the 1891 Census , Henry was living at Cromer Road, Aylsham with his parents John, (age 52 and an Ordinary Agricultural Labourer) and Harriet (tbc - poor quality reproduction), On the Day No details known. William DYBALL………………………………...........................(Ro H)(There is a picture of William on the Ro H site) Leading Seaman 208734. On the Day George FIELD………………………………...........................(Ro H) Private 240213. On this occasion it was a night attack by well prepared troops with overwhelming artillery support and armoured (six tanks). On the 1891 Census he is living at Lodge Farm, Mill Street, Buxton. casualty=1557805Norlink No archive items.1901 Census There is a Frank Frostick,on the census, aged 11 and living at the Cottages by the Mill, Oxnead. His parents are James, (aged 46 and a Cattleman on Farm from Banningham), and Emily, (aged 45 and from Skeyton). Farrow (formerly Horne), of Footpath House, Swanton Abbott, Norwich, Norfolk. casualty=91524Norlink No archive items.1901 Census The 25 year old William, born Aylsham, is employed as a Domestic Gardener and is living on Hungate Street, Aylsham with his widowed mother Esther, (aged 48 and born Edgefield). To the right (west) of Tank Redoubt, the 3rd Camel Battalion, advancing in the gap between two redoubts, actually made the furthest advance of the battle, crossing the Gaza-Beersheba Road and occupying a pair of low hills (dubbed "Jack" and "Jill"). Kocman, Jiri Kolar, Begonia Korta-Zaharra, Richard Kostelanetz, Ferdinand Kriwet, Barbara Kruger, Sally Kuhn, Jean-Clarence Lambert, Ben Langland, Warren Lehrer, Maurice Lemaitre, Françoise Letaillieur, D. Levy, Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Maclow, Bernard Maisner, F. Marinetti, Jurgen Mau, Hansjörg Mayer, Peter Mayer, Brenda Miller, Joan Miro, Franz Mon, Peter Murphy, Maurizio Nanucci, bp Nichol, Ann Noel, Tom Ockerse, Jurgen Olbrich, Luciano Ori, Kenneth Patchen, Tom Phillips, Jennifer Pike, Julio Plaza, Elena Presser, Mehdi Qotbi, George Quasha, Bernard Quentin, Robert Rehfeldt, Lee Rickles, Tom Rickles, Ernest Robson, Marion Robson, Marilyn Rosenberg, Dieter Roth, Erica Rothenberg, Jerome Rothenberg, Edward Ruscha, Eino Ruutsalo, Betye Saar, Deborah Sackner, Jonathan Sackner, Marvin Sackner, Ruth Sackner, Sara Sackner, Roberto Sanesi, Sarenco, Aram Saroyan, Alain Satie, Claire Satin, Robert Saunders, Konrad Balder Schauffelen, Siegfred J.

Bis 1963 wurde die Mühle als Vollerwerbsbetrieb geführt, danach noch einige Jahre im Nebenerwerb. The mill is first mentioned however in 16 it was Known as the heritage interest mill with two water wheels, it was however, only allowed to use one of the two mill wheels for milling barley and buckwheat. Commemorated: LOOS MEMORIAL, Pas de Calais, France. On Churchyard War Memorial C C Ducker On Church Memorial board C C Ducker CWGC org/search/casualty_details.aspx? Edward DYBALL………………………………..........................(Ro H) Gunner RMA/12824. The British infantry advanced about 2 miles on a 5,000 yard front and held their gains against repeated Turkish counter-attacks. Killed in action Monday 25 March 1918 in France & Flanders. His father Thomas, aged 50, appears to be some kind of Bailiff, and was originally from Scottow. Their other children are William, (aged 14 and an Agricultural Labourer) and Mabel, (aged 5). Their other children are Elsie, (aged 3, born Oxnead), Frederick, (aged 7, born Aylsham), and William, (aged 15 and a Bricklayers Labourer, born Heigham). Commemorated: TYNE COT MEMORIAL , Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. On Churchyard War Memorial Not noted by me On Church Memorial board A J Horne CWGC org/search/casualty_details.aspx? On Churchyard War Memorial Not noted by me On Church Memorial board E Horner CWGC org/search/casualty_details.aspx? On Churchyard War Memorial S Leman On Church Memorial board S Leman CWGC org/search/casualty_details.aspx? On Churchyard War Memorial F Moy On Church Memorial board F Moy CWGC org/search/casualty_details.aspx? Also living with them are William’s brothers Albert, (aged 15 and a Cattle Feeder on Farm), Augustus, (aged 12) and Frederick, (aged 9). As the advances on their flanks faltered, the "Camels" were forced to retreat to avoid being E J PRESTON………………………………................................(Ro H) Possibly: Ernest James Preston. Schmidt, Wolfgang Schmidt, Carolee Schneeman, Schuldt, Kurt Schwitters, George Segal, Alex Selenitsch, Gino Severini, Paul Sharits, Joyce Cutler Shaw, Barbara Siegel, Nicholas Sloan, William Jay Smith, Kenneth Snelson, Ardengo Soffici, Gerd Stein, Shohachiro Takahashi, Simon Teilengater, Franciszka Themerson, Stefan Themerson, Richard Tipping, Karel Trinkowitz, Ian Tyson, Timm Ulrichs, Paul Van Ostayen, Reginald Walker, Elizabeth Was, Christina Weiss, Emmett Williams, Jonathan Williams, Arne Wolf, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Joseph Wolman, Melanie Wygonik, Constantine Xenakis, William Xerra, Purvis Young, Ilia Zdanevich, Paul Zelevansky, Ludwig Zeller, Nicholas Zurbrugg.