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Such creatures in the world of Pandora Hearts, are referred to as "Chains".

Most chains are not allowed to exist in the human world without having forged a contract with a human.

It has also been described as a "macrocosm" of the dimensional plane, in other-words it IS the multiverse, and destroying it would have likely ended all of existence: The forcefield is not passive, and Oz must be able to react to an attack in order to negate it in this way.

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Oz in particular is an especially powerful chain, who was granted the ability to destroy absolutely through contact.

The Soul Reapers each have superhuman physical stats, with even nameless fodder being able to strike hard enough to smash through walls.

Echo/Zwei for example (one of the soul reapers) has shown to be capable of casually scooting out of the way of a bullet (from a sitting position), and tanking a hit from a chain strong enough to shatter a stone bridge: Considering the massive speed and strength exhibited by the Soul Reapers, the fact that Oz only received shallow wounds is quite impressive.

Imagine a multiverse where every outer dimension, the worlds inhabited by mortals like us, is ruled by immensely powerful cosmic entities whose very nature is beyond human understanding.

Imagine, that these cosmic entities saw each of the worlds that they govern as little more than "stories" for them to freely alter and manipulate for their own entertainment.

Despite the potency of his powers however; Oz largely operates at high street to low mid-tier level.

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He was privately surrendered to us about 6 months ago, putting his age at September 2016 at approximately 1 1/2 years old. He is small for a. ZANDER Black rabbit on the right. Picture. ADOPTED Slick Willie is the last of 7 rabbits that were the reason why we opened Wonderland Rabbit Rescue in early 2012. All of his.… continue reading »

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Nov 30, 2016. Imagine a multiverse where every outer dimension, the worlds inhabited by mortals like us, is ruled by immensely powerful cosmic entities whose very.… continue reading »

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