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Unlike similar devices it doesn’t spit out inaccurate BPMs, it just pinwheels until it gets an accurate read.If you’re training for a triathlon, don’t throw out your chest strap just yet.Fit Star Yoga is a good indicator of the things to expect.One of the first workout apps for the Watch, it guides you through yoga sessions by showing you each move on the Watch.Its minor scratches and dings add character and make it look tougher.It’s been on hundreds of dives, atop many mountains, covered in mud more times than I can count, and it’s no worse for the wear.

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Imagine trainers sending personalized workouts that change daily.Placed next to the Watch on my desk that’s currently getting no love, it’s an odd juxtaposition.I’ve worn my Rolex Submariner for nearly 20 years, and I’ve only had it serviced once.To use the Watch as a fitness tracker, you simply open up its workout app, where you choose from a handful of basic workouts like outdoor run, elliptical, or rower, and then select how many calories you want to burn or how long you want to exercise. The heart rate monitor isn’t exactly perfect, but it’s vastly superior to the other wrist worn devices on the market.