Best country dating songs Mlfdating

05-Jul-2017 15:53

The great women in country music have been singing songs that inspire, proclaim, and question for decades.From Patsy Cline to Shania Twain to Carrie Underwood, the greatest women in country music know how to sing songs that speak directly to the gals in the audience.So for all the guys out there – don’t mess with Miranda and her fans. The song only peaked at #15 on the charts, but was a major hit on radio and in concert.Miranda lights up the stage when she puts on a passionate performance during her live shows. The song is about a woman that can’t get out of a relationship because the pull of love keeps her hanging on even though she knows she has to leave.

The song is about a women that gives up everything in an effort to make her husband happy.

Finally at the end of the song she makes her proclamation that she needs a little recognition and something for herself.

Interestingly, the song was written by fellow country star Alan Jackson.

Download Single White Female Miranda Lambert didn’t win the talent TV show is a rocking track about a women burned by man that cheated on her.

In return she douses his house in kerosene and burns it to the ground with a grin.Forewarning: all correspondence will probably include a lot of punctuation and emoji (!!! The great men in country music have written and recorded some of the greatest songs in history.The album with the same name sold over 500,000 copies and made Chely a star.